Online/Remote Physical Culturist Lifestyle Coaching Program


Online/Remote Physical Culturist Lifestyle Coaching Program

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"Physical culturephilosophyregimen, or lifestyle seeking maximum physical development through such means as weight (resistance) training, diet, aerobic activity, athletic competition, and mental discipline. Specific benefits include improvements in health, appearance, strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and general fitness as well as greater proficiency in sport-related activities." - Encyclopedia Britannica definition

The GreenStrength way is truly a lifestyle. One is either 100% in or out - there are no hobbyists in the health / performance world. The term "Life coach" makes me sick as I am not here to tell you how to live, I am not perfect myself. But together with your willingness I can be your Sensei and help guide, support, and educate you to a healthier lifestyle, increased performance, and a happier mind. To me performance and physical long lasting goals run hand in hand with a healthy mind and body. As your Physical Culturist coach I will help you with some of the following;

-Nutrition strategies and developing a diet that optimizes and enhances your overall wellbeing
-Optimal Programming built around your lifestyle and current level of fitness. No equipment needed
-Recovery Strategies
-Building a personal Mindful Movement Practice

Investing in your health is very important and will pay you back with an increased quality of life and ability to live free, adventurous. happy, and able. No short cuts here - each student is guided individually from the first step on. All guidance, programming, suggestions are individualized towards your specific needs.

Physical Culturist Coaching:
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