Train with GreenStrength

I (Lucius C. Tirey IV) offer the following training options:
-Private Or Semi Private Training
-Online or In Person Consulting regarding anything strength, health, nutrition, recovery related
-Online or Remote Program Design
-Seminars or Group Instruction
-Group GreenStrength Class (Taught by myself or one of my GS Coaches)

Private Coaching Options
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Purchase a private coaching session or package with Lucius Tirey.

Private Coaching:
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from 100.00

One-On-One 60min Consultation (via Skype, phone, or in person) covering whatever it is you wish to discuss in the Physical Culture world!

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Remote Program Design
from 100.00

Custom built program designed by Lucius C. Tirey IV. Once purchased Lucius will contact you with a few questions. Once returned a custom built program will be created specifically for you to get started on.

Program Design:
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8 Week Program Design + Guidance

8 weeks of programed guidance tailored around your goals, needs, and equipment. Weekly email communication, as well as nutritional recommendations and effective recovery strategies to be used in conjunction with your training. 

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GreenStrength Class
Contact for details. 


Monday – 
GS-GPP Class 6am, 9am,
GS Kids 4:15pm,
GS-GPP Class 5:30pm

GS-GPP Class 6am, 9am, 5:30pm

Wednesday -
GS Kids 4:15pm
GS Yoga 5:30pm

Thursday – 
GS-GPP Class 6am, 9am, 5:30pm

Friday – 
GS-GPP Class 6am, 9am

Saturday -
GS-Mobility 9:30am
GS-Farm Strong Class 10am

GS Yoga 3pm

GS-GPP Class is our general physical preparedness class (AKA our standard Strength & Conditioning Class)

GS-Mobility/Calisthenics is our movement, bodyweight style class where we explore movement, gymnastics, animal locomotive play, etc..

GS-Farm Strong is a exstension of our GPP Class just with more of a focus on "Farm Strong" types of things. Pushing sled, flipping tires, carrying & throwing objects, etc..

GS-Kids Class is for kids primarily between the ages of 9-13. This is not "sport specific", instead it's "Kid Specific". We crawl, skip, run, jump, play as kids are meant to do.

GS-Yoga is not your typical yoga class. We move and do much traditional yoga in a more restorative manner with our own take on some movement play as well.

Seminar or Group Instruction - Please contact for further information