GreenStrength Testimonials

"I began training with Luke just over a year ago.  Originally, I came to augment my Jiu Jitsu training, but it soon became more than that.  I showed up with a lot of misconceptions about what strength and conditioning should be, along with even more issues of poor form and posture.  Within a week I knew that what Green Strength was where I needed to be.  Over the course of the last year I have seen vast improvements in my physical well-being.  It goes much further than that though.  Luke has spent a lot of time educating me on diet & nutrition as well as being there for life advice.  It has become something much more than a place to train, it has become a way of life.  Luke is much more than a coach, he is a mentor and friend.  I recommend anyone who is interested in taking the first step to a better life, coming down to see what it's about.  -William Young (Lovato's BJJ Blue Belt)

“I traveled all the way from Minnesota to train with Luke and it was worth every mile! Not only has Luke helped me become a lot stronger and explosive in the weight room but has also helped me apply that added strength and explosiveness to the court. He’s always keeping the workouts challenging and the atmosphere in the gym is very motivating. I’m extremely exited about seeing the hard work I put in with Luke pay off this season. I recommend anything athlete that wants to reach their potential to come train with Luke!” -Cody Aasness – Guard-M State

“Luke Tirey’s training is legit. Luke’s athlete’s come out to play and you can see the difference in the weight room and on the field. Luke is well known inside the inner circle of Strength and Conditioning as a coach who knows his craft and he gets better each year.” - Camilo Gutierrez: Owner of Midtown Strength and Conditioning located in Sacramento CA.

“Over the past few years I have had hip & groin problems and most recently pulled my adductor. It’s been an ongoing problem I couldn’t seem to get better. After working with Luke I have noticed an improvement in hip mobility and flexibility. I feel the added flexibility and strength will help prevent injuries and make me more explosive. I’m a believer in Luke’s training and really feel it will help me this upcoming season.” -Reggie Smith II (Ex. San Francisco 49’er, Carolina Panther, Oakland Raider)

“Since training with Lucius, I have become stronger,faster,smarter, and more athletic. I no longer have the fear of becoming fatigued or gassed in my fights. Win,lose, or draw, I will never have to question my physical condition.” -Myron “The Future” Dennis (Glory Kickboxing, UFC Ultimate FIghter LHW, Legacy LHW Champion)

"I started at GreenStrength last October. I really needed to improve my core strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. I had limited flexibility in my hips and actually walked with a limp at times. In 10 months, I've lost almost 50lbs and my flexibility and strength have dramatically improved. Luke is always available to answer questions and comes up with a plan to help no matter what you are wanting to work on. The GreenStrength community is full of friendly people that range from world class athletes to average joes like myself. I look forward to continued growth with GreenStrength and Lucius Tirey." - Dr. KJ Little (Lovato's BJJ Blue Belt)

"Luke Tirey and company of GreenStrength do an incredible job with their clients, and from my own personal experience know how thorough and good the training is. Since starting in January I have seen amazing results and increases in my strength, movement and body control, as well as feeling a difference in my sport, BJJ. They have progressed me from barely being able to hand balance at all, to already working towards a handstand and flows and movement from my headstand. I have gotten stronger, my posture is better, and have less aches and pains before, during, and after training. It has been a game-changing experience for me and thus far a great learning experience for myself, as I aspire to be a strength coach and professional jujitsu athlete." -Gabe Van Ness (Lovato's BJJ Blue Belt)