"GreenStrength was founded with one thing in mind - help others live stronger, healthier, and happier lives through a physical practice they enjoy. The health and fitness industry of today seemingly has confused us all. Everyone is an expert, but few know how to truly teach and guide you down a path of consistent growth in your fitness and increase your longevity. Obtaining true strength and health is achieved through far more than just a "exercise routine," "diet plan," etc. Fitness relies more on how all the facets of our lives blend together. It's your thoughts, the foods you eat, the way you train/move, how hard you recover, and much much more. The GS philosophy is built through our lifestyles. The more we live a life consuming healthy foods, mindful movement, quality strength training, and positive thoughts - the more long lasting our results will be. GreenStrength Coaches or I, are not here to train you in exercises, but we are here to teach, guide, and support you down this path towards physical freedom. 

Although each human being is unique, we still have basic standard operating procedures towards health & movement. The most basic procedures of movement have been forgotten by most. Yet more so called "fitness" is being stacked on dysfunctional frames. The GS method contains no secrets, tricks, or shortcuts. Instead its about identifying where we are at the present and looking at where we would like to be in the future. Then we re-engineer our lifestyle (nutrition, exercise routine, thoughts, etc) in order to achieve our goals. 

Our mission is to build strength, enhance performance, uplift-consciousness, and tune-in, both mind and body. Our fitness should give us freedom and happiness - not stress and confinement to a strict regime. We should learn to love becoming more connected with our bodies inside and out, be driven to build skill-sets and accomplish challenges with integrity and passion. The byproduct of being more conscious and mastering the basics in our training will only yield more profound results in the end."

-Lucius C. Tirey IV

Lucius C. Tirey IV

GreenStrength founder Lucius Tirey IV has over 15 years of experience in strength, movement, and nutrition. His holistic approach and fitness philosophies drive the GreenStrength community – from group workouts in the gym to weekend hikes out in nature. 

Luke coaches world class athletes including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt world champion Rafael Lovato Jr., but what really fuels the work he does is training everyday busy professionals, working moms, and anyone who is committed to living longer, healthier, and stronger lives. 

Luke’s experience and expertise includes: 
- Teacher of Strength & Functional Movement
- Kettlebells, Barbells, Club/Mace, Bodyweight Training
- Nutrition
- Body Transformation
-Physical Culturist Sensei
-Public Speaker & Teacher
-Endurance Training

Luke’s awards and certifications include: 
• Chicago Marathon and Turkey Mountain 50mile Trail Run
• In Houston March 2013, at the very first SFG1 (Strong First Level 1), Lucius “tamed the beast” (48kg, 106lb kettlebell) to become one of few “Beast Tamers” at 193lbs bodyweight
• Top powerlifting stats in the 181lb weight class were: 475lb squat, 315lb bench press, and a 575lb deadlift
• Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt Under Professor Rafael Lovato Jr.
• Strong First Kettlebell Instructor
• Lovato BJJ Conditioning Coach
• Biosignature Modulation Practitioner via Charles Poliquin
• Training for Warriors Level 1 via Martin Rooney
• NSCA-CPT, ACSM-CPT, Cooper Institute CPT
• Chris and Ann Fredricks Stretch to Win
• Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) Level 1
• Gym Jones Level 3

When Luke isn’t lifting heavy weights or training his clients he is enjoying a really good cup of coffee, playing outdoors, exploring the mind, and cooking up delicious GreenStrength meals. And there’s the occassional Netflix binge, of course. 

Luke is also available to travel for interactive workshops and hands-on teaching.