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Unfortunately, we can’t be with you 24/7. It’s cool though, because you have the power to take GreenStrength to your whole life, by honoring your body, mind and spirit in all that you do.  Top secret news flash: 99% of your work in becoming the highest performing version of you will be done outside of our walls…

This is why we stress accountability within the walls (or training regimen for all of our loved GS members around the globe).  You must take care of yourselves.


Most people really struggle here.  If you train your mind and your body hard (which we do), you must make recovery your priority.  The good attitude we seek from GreenStrength members-the one that is ready to work and to grow? It’s only sustainable if you do the work to recover when you are not training.

You cannot out work/out train an overload of life stress, poor food choices, lack of sleep, etc.  Training in and of itself is a stress!  You must learn to reduce stresses in all areas of your life in order for your training time with us to be effective.  Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how.  Just be ready.  This is about changing your lifestyle and will require your commitment to trusting the process, or you’ll never reach your goals.


Go for walks. Eat your dinner on the patio. Color with your kids.  Swing on the monkey bars.  Go rock climbing.  Laugh. Smile. Make love. The more you smile, the more you’re happy each day, the better off you’ll be.  Isn’t this our ultimate goal…fulfillment, happiness.  Make playtime a priority. Every. Single. Day.  You must.

Food for Humans

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” - La Rochefoucauld
To support your efforts inside the gym you must have your life force fueled adequately to begin with. Don’t fall victim to the eat less / suffer harder mentality. Let there be balance, enjoyment, and life. •
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At GreenStrength, we want you optimal.  Would you put corn syrup in a car that runs on gasoline and expect it to perform for you? No.  Food is fuel.  Food should be fun, but always real.  We like to abide by a simple “rule” at GreenStrength.  That rule is: EAT REAL FOOD.  Generally, that means you should be combining one ingredient foods for your meals. Veggies, Fruit, lean meats, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, tubers.  If you are reading a label, you are most likely not looking at real food.

We are well versed in nutrition.  If you would like detailed help and accountability with your diet, please contact us. Nutrition and diet should be individualized for optimal results; therefore, we do not give out diet plans, formulas, or advice unless you specifically invest.  Real food is a passion for us, and we’d love to help you navigate the grocery store jungle.  Be willing to let go of all preconceived notions… because, like everything at GreenStrength, we want you all in.