GreenStrength Classes Aug 5-10

August is here! It’s time to get back to our CONSISTENT PRACTICE of physical activity. We’ve done this week not to long ago so look back on your notes and make some progressions forward if possible.

Lets not forget to spread the word for our Saturday classes.

9am Coach Greg Morris teaches a free (donations accepted) mobility class. Look up Functional Range Conditioning. This is some of the knowledge he will be teaching so take advantage of this as nowhere will you receive education like this for FREE!

10am Master Coach Marc Howard teaches a Kettlebell Skills class. Outsiders welcome $20 drop in fee. Must have some experience with kettlebells prior to jumping in.

Lastly let’s not forget about scheduling a private session with a coach to work on and hammer away any difficulties your experiencing in an exercise or movement etc. Or maybe you’d like to talk food and weight loss, schedule a consult today and we can get going!

Lets also welcome all our Lovato Bjj Affiliate Teamates with open arms in GS. Many will be around this week so make sure to make them feel at home and feel free to share information if you see something you can contribute. Let’s get it!



A. Dbl kb fs + Push up complex  - 4 sets 

Each set is 8 FS/8 PU - 6 - 4

30sec rest between each rep scheme 

2min between rounds

B. Db floor press 3x20

B. Push up plank leg step up 3x5/5

B. Db rdl 3x10

C. Deadbug 1/2 headquarters hold x1min each side


A. IWT - Kb Swing x15 - immediately to 250m row - 4 sets - rest 2min between each

A. IWT - Goblet squat x15 - immediately to 250m ski - 4 sets - rest 2min between each

B. Accumulate 3min strict crawling 


A. Tgu 5/5

B. Kb Swing + strength burpee emom

Odd min swing x10

Even mon burpee x6

16total min

C. Prowler March - 8 trips down and back. Plank x20sec between each trip


A. Db floor press 4x20

A. Db renegade row 4x6/6

A. Trx supine row 4x20

B. Push ups 3x reps 

B. Band triceps pressdown 3x reps

B. Band hammer curl 3x reps

C. Single arm kb carry 3x20yds each side

C. Bridge single leg hold 3x30sec 


A. Kb sumo dL 5x8

A. Kb Swing 5x8

60sec between each exercise each set 

B. Bike sprints 

6x15cal women 

6x20cal men 

2min between 


9am mobility class with Greg

10am Kettlebells with Marc


Jan 15 - 20th GreenStrength Tribe Sessions

Hello GreenStrength Gang! It's time to get our 'practice' on once again for another week.

First - Let's not forget to make time during your days outside the gym to

-Eat real food and drink lots of water
-Move your body in a gentle nice way (mobilize)
-Go for a walk
-Work on improving your sleep ZZZZZ....

Also, for the remainder of January here are a few specials to take advantage of all private training or consultation sessions are 10% off (you must contact me Lucius to sign up and schedule). These can be used for many different things from technique help on an exercise, nutritional guidance or shopping/recipe help with food, mobility drills specific to your body, etc... TAKE ADVANTAGE! 

GS Coaches are all available (Prices are as follows without discount)
GS Coach - $50/Session (Coaches Greg Morris, Riley Williams, Gabe Rebischke)
GS Master Coach - $65/Session (Marc Howard) 
GS Master Coach / Founder - $75/Session (Lucius Tirey) 

Jan 15th

1a. TGU Right Arm x1
1b. KB Swing 2 H x15
1c. TGU Left Arm x1
1d. Goblet Squat x10
5 rounds

2a. DB Single Arm Bench Press x8-12/arm
2b. DB SIngle Arm Row x8-12/arm
2c. Plank Series (regular, and both side planks) x20sec each position

Jan 16th

1a. Lateral Ape Crawl x20yds each way
1b. Half Kneeling Battling Ropes x20sec (alternate sides each round)
1c. Band Face Pull x15
4 rounds

2a. Row or Ski Erg Sprints x250m
2b. Med Ball Russian Twist During Rest x10/side
4 rounds - rest well between sprints

Jan 18th 

1a. Deadlift x5,4,3,3 (first work set will be 5, second 4, then 2 final sets of 3)
1b. Hang Variation xPlay
4 rounds - rest well, this is strength

2a. Double KB Gorilla Row x10
2b. Double KB Clean x5 (Start from hike pass each rep)
2c. Double KB Farmers Walk x60yds
3-5 Rounds

Jan 19th

1a. Double KB Alternating Press x5/each side
1b. Plate Push / Crawl x60yds
4 rounds

2a. Airdyne Sprint 20cal, 15cal, 10cal, 10cal (first round is 20cal, then 15cal, then 2 final rounds of 10cal)
2b. TRX Row x20 during rest between sprints
2c. Deadbugs x10/side during rest between sprints

Jan 20th

1a. Squat x5
1b. DB Lateral Raise x10-15
1c. Prone Y Raise x10sec hold
1d. KB Hammer Curl x8-12
5 rounds

2a. Prowler March x60yds
Try to partner up or get a rotation that allows you to rest for just 90sec between each march (or as close to as possible)
2b. Between each march Push Up Plank x20-30sec
6 rounds


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