GreenStrength classes july 29-Aug 3

Hello GS Disciples! Here is our week of training.



1) warm up x10min

2) goblet squat / kb swing ladder 10 to 1 / 1 to 10

3) prowler sprint 6x40yds 

3) hollow rocks or holds 6x 10-20sec or x10 rocks 

3) square mat crawl 6x


1) warm up x10min

2) dbl kb press 4-5x6

2) flexed arm hang 4-5x time, or chin up 4-5x2-6, or seated band pulldown 4-5x12-15

3) birddog row 3-4x8/8

3) Single or Double Leg Slider Leg Curl 4 rungs of 4-3-2-1

3) Push Up or Single Arm Push Up Progression 4 rungs of 4-3-2-1


1) warm up x10min

2) goblet squat 5x5

2) single arm kb deadlift 5x5/5

2) single arm 3 point row 5x8-12

3) single arm farmers walk 3x40yds 

3) push up 3xreps (play with whatever variation you are at)

3) slider crawls 3x 20yds forward and backwards


1) warm up x10min

2) tailpipe - Partner up

Partner A rows 250m while partner B holds dbl kb rack hold. Once partner A is done with 250m switch places and continue for 3 total rounds. Record time. 

3) airdyne cal ladder / hanging leg raise

25cal / 10 hanging leg raise

20cal / 10

15cal / 10

10cal / 10 

4) cool down walk or mobility 


1) Warm Up x10min 

2) GPP Circuit - 6-10 rounds 

-Tall Kneeling KB Halos x5/5

-Side Plank f/ elbow x15sec each side

-90/90 rotations into single arm trx row x5 each side 

-Single Arm Bridge x5 each side 

-Prowler Walk (light load) x80yds

-Crawl any variation x20yds



Marc Howard 10am KB Skills Class ($20/drop in)

Interested in trying is out but have no idea what this stuff is? Doesn’t matter. We only ask you to do what you are capable of doing. Our goal is to teach you how to do this correctly, safely, and more effective. Contact us today to try out a FREE WEEK of our classes.


Burn YOUR Fat - Not The Fat

Bulletproof coffee is a hot topic today. I am not here to say the claims scientifically work or don't work. I am here to provide one quick reminder that may be helpful to some of you out there. 

First, let's say your using the complete bulletproof recommendation of butter and MCT oil. That roughly will come out to about 400 total calories. Many people tell me they are drinking butter/oil coffee in order to become fat adapted and burn body fat for fuel as they Intermittent fast or just skip their breakfast. True, you're burning fat alright - just not the fat initially I think most were after. You see your body is going to utilize and burn off the 400 calories of fat first before ever taping into its own fat storage for energy. Again, this isn't saying the butter/oil coffee is bad, wrong, doesn't work or have benefits, etc.. This is just letting you know that if your in need of a plateu buster and lose a few lbs don't forget that maybe dropping the butter/oil would;

a - apply a 400 cal total calorie reduction to your day (400 x 7 = 2800 cals. Thats close to the 3500 calorie defect to lose a pound)

b - allow your body to utilize its OWN fat for fuel vs. the fat provided from the butter/oil

Now, like me you may love the taste, or the cognitive feeling you get from the fats. Many need them because the hunger is real and the fats help satiate you and keep things zen. However if black coffee treats you just fine then don't be afraid to give it a go, your physique may thank you in the end.