GreenStrength Abs - GO!

Obtaining a stronger midsection takes consistent practice, with sound technique, and a solid plan. Good news is I am giving you a solid plan for free right here! As with all exercises, I advise you to dig into each one and really learn how the movements are executed. Using the correct movement and applying the correct tension/relaxation is key – this is what then makes practice so important. The end result is a solid, chiseled, thick midsection like that of a greek god. Give it a go for 1 to 3 sessions a week for 3 to 4 weeks and report back to me with your results.

If you really want to get into this stuff, I’m available for a private where we could delve deep into this topic. I assure you that taking the time to learn how to move your body properly will change your numbers…on the scales, in your lifts, in your posture, and in your blood work.

5 Rounds

-TGU Roll To Elbow x3/3

-Hanging Straight Leg Raise x5 (I actually suggest using the elbow straps and really compress your center)

-Janda Sit Up x5 (Slowly lower each eccentric).. FYI – It’s important to understand what your doing in the Janda Sit Up. Assume the standard bent-knee crunch position while your partner, a band, or your pavelizer (Pavel’s Product) holds your legs just below the calves. This hand position is the secret to Janda sit-ups. Your feet should remain in contact with the floor at all times during the movement, and the knees should be flexed no more than 90 degrees. Fold you hands across your chest, inhale, and slowly sit up while applying steady pressure against your partner’s hands with your legs. Stop when the tension in the abs is about to drop off (around halfway up) and exhale at the top of the movement. Inhale again and lower yourself all the way to the floor, pushing against your partner’s hands the whole time. Relax for a second, then repeat.

-KB or DB Side Bend x5/5

-Leopard Crawls x10 yards forward / 10 yards backwards

-KB Rack Walks x150ft

Simple, tough, and time-tested proven. If you add this in with your deadlifts, chin ups, presses, squats, swings, and couple that with a belly constantly full of REAL FOOD, fruits, veggies, grassfed meats, nuts/seeds, sweet potatoes you my friend will be ‘strong like bull’.

The man behind the Pavelizer and I March 2013. Amazing day becoming a Beast Tamer in front of the Chief!


Simplifying Your Food & Gut

Stop making eating so complicated.

Complicating your nutrition only leads to a lack of consistency, which then leads to poor choices, poor habits, that may all lead to a wonky gut without you even knowing it. Here is a simple solution that will leave you with even greater results than all the complicated and trendy nutrition tactics.

First - always eat real food. Real food is nutrient dense and has 1 ingredient! (Meats, Nuts, Eggs, Veggies, Fruits, Oils, Tubers, Etc.)

Second - 5 Ingredient Meals will keep your meals simple and effective. Each meal only contains five ingredients!

Examples of a 5 Ingredient Meal:
White Rice
- -
Wild caught salmon
Brussels sprouts
Olive oil
- -
Canned tuna
Green beans
- -
(A shake)
Whey protein
Peanut butter (just ground peanuts)

PROTEIN: Steak | Salmon | etc.

VEGGIE: Broccoli | Brussels | etc.

STARCH: Rice | Yam | etc.


FAT: Avocado | Nuts | etc.





The formula is simple:

-Start with a protein
-Then add a veggie
-Then determine if you want a starch (sweet potato, rice, etc.) or a fat (avocado, nuts, etc.) -For your next two ingredients pick a spice, oil, fruit, herb or garnish

Now another trick to success can be VARIETY. Variety will keep you from getting bored and help your microbiome (your gut health) flourish – but variety sometimes causes stress due to lack of time for prep or learning how to cook something new.

By following the plan above so far we can build out easy 5 ingredient meals and create variety very easily by just rotating our protein, carb, fat, veggie, fruit, choices. Simply start by picking 3 ingredients (proteins, veggies, carbs, fat, fruit, spices) choices at the grocery store. Look at what's in season and what looks good to you. Then have fun with it – start mixing and rotating around the combinations of your 3 choices.

Chances are if you try this for 4-8 weeks you may learn some amazing things about your body, simplify your eating habits, and probably end up leaner. But remember – if you want to lose weight you have to be in a caloric deficit!

Give it a try! Share your combinations to the with us #GreenStrength and share what you've been eating with your workout buddies in the gym – it's a great way to get new ideas and stay accountable and motivated.

Gut Pic.jpg

September 30th - October 5th Sessions

Training sessions for the week!

-Train for an objective
-Eat to fuel performance and life
-10min walks add up throughout a day
-Sleep is the best supplement there is, period!
-Learn something every time you train

Monday - This is a day we flex the knees with some load!

Warm up thoroughly with some 90/90 hip rotations, frog rocks, adductor rocks, and some side lying glutei raises.

A- Goblet squat: over the course of 5 sets you will work up to a heavy set of 10. Superset each set with dbl kb gorilla rows x10/10 and dbl kb farmers walk x30sec.

Work up to a heavy challenging load. Challenge the posture.

B- Reverse Lunge / Push Up Descending Ladder

25/25 reverse lunges - then - 10 push ups

20/20 reverse lunges - then - 10 push ups

15/15 revere lunges - then - 10 push ups

10/10 reverse lunges - then 10 push ups

C- Band Work - 100 reps of each
-Band Upright Row
-Band Pullover
-Band Goodmorning

Tuesday - Today we rest the legs while we pump the lungs

Warm up is standard - make it count!

A- Press / Row Superset - 4 sets
DB Floor Press x20 immediately into 300m Ski Erg - rest 3min

B- KB Alternating walking press 3x10/10 - load should be lighter, we are after a tall posture walk with strict controlled pressing. Rest shortly then superset with leopard crawls 3x10yds forward and backwards

C- 50cal Cardio Machine Of Choice Check Out

Wednesday - Today we practice a tried and true session.

A- TGU x5 per side - Pyramid up in load if desired

B- KB Swing EMOM 10 swings every minute on the minute x10min
(ON MIN 5 and 10min SWING 15reps)

C- Core 3 rounds
-Side Elbow Plank x20sec
-Single Leg Bridge Hold x20sec
-DB OH Carry x20sec

Thursday - Pick things up and set them down slowly and nicely.

A- 3 Position Sumo KB DL
3 reps single arm R, L, then 4 reps both arms
Keep a slow tempo on the lowering portion 2-3sec. BRACE and PUNCH HIPS BACK

B- Med Ball Circuit 3 rounds - 1min between each round
-Hockey Deadlift x5/5
-Goblet Squat x10
-Reverse Lunge x5/5
-Slam x10

C- Row or Ski 3x200m - rest 3min - GO FAST!

Friday - Beach Body Friday with some function!

A- DB Bench Press Pyramid Style
1st set is 15reps, 2nd 12, 3rd 10, 4th 8, 5th AMAP

pair this up with rope or ring supine rows 5x10-15

B- DB TRI-Set - 3 rounds
-Seated DB Clean and Press x10
-Seated DB Curl x10/10
-DB Judo Swings x10/10

C- FLR accumulate 2min of total time. During rest do band tricep ext 20-30 reps

Saturday - Today is the day to attend 9am mobility class, and 10am Kettlebells class.

GreenStrength Sessions Sept 16-21

Monday Sept 16th

Warm up with 10min of general mobility. Rocking, crawling, rolling, etc..

A - DBL KB Front Squat 4x6 31X1 tempo
rest 60sec
A - Staggered Stance DBL KB Suitcase RDL 4x8 31X1 tempo
rest 2min

B - Suitcase KB Reverse Lunge (Bell on front leg side) 3x8/8 3111 Tempo
rest 30sec
B - KB Swing 3x20
rest 2min

C - Conditioning - Simply move from 1 exercise to the next. You will only go through this 1 time
-Row or Ski x3min for max calories
-Goblet Squat Hold at 90 degrees x1min
-DBL KB Farmers Walk x2min
-Crawl x2min
-KB Swing x50 reps

Tuesday Sept 17th

Warm up by picking 5 different mobility exercises
-Scorpion, Leopard Rocks, Sumo Squat, Pump Stretch, Hip Bridge Shoulder Rolls
Do each exercise smoothly for 45sec on - rest 15sec - 2 rounds through (10min)

A - DBL KB Press x5 immediately into 500m Row or Ski
rest 3-4min after - 3 total rounds

B - KB Rack Walk 3x 1min on - 1min off

C - Band Complex 3 rounds
-Goodmorning x20
-Hammer Curl x20
-Face Pull x20

Wednesday Sept 18th

Warm up by doing 10min of mobility work. Move your body!

A - KB Sumo DL 4x6 3111 tempo
rest 1min
A - DB Single Arm Floor Press 4x12/15 each arm (pause each time for 1sec on floor)
rest 2min

B - Barbell Supine Row 3x quality reps
rest 30sec
B - Prowler March 3x lap
rest 2min

C - Cardio Machine of choice - 50 cal achieved fast

Thursday Sept 19th

Warm up with 3 rounds of Pavel Warm Up

A - TGU - 5 per side

B - KB Swing Emom
14min - x10 swings EMOM

C - KB Gorilla Row 3x10/10
rest 30sec
C - KB Clean 3x5
rest 2min

Friday Sept 20th

Warm up with
-50 frog rocks
-50 jumping jacks
-50yds accumulated crawling

A - DB Tall Kneeling Overhead Press 4x8 31X1
rest 30sec
A - Tall Kneeling Band Pull Apart 4x15-20
rest 2min

B - Split Stance Single Arm KB Bent Row 3x8/8 31X1
rest 30sec
B - TRX Strap Fallouts 3x10/10
rest 30sec
B - DB Hammer Curl 3x10
rest 2min

C - Deadbugs 3 x30sec on - 30sec off

Saturday Sept 21st
9am - CARS with Greg
10am - Kettlebells with Marc

GreenStrength Class Sessions sept 9-14

Let’s get to work we’ve done this recently so go back to your notes and look to make small progressions forward!

A. Warm up block 10min
B. Complex 5 rounds - rest well between rounds
 -goblet squat x10
-kb swing x10
-dbl kb clean x5 + walk x20yds

C. Core / conditioning
5 rounds of 
-crab crawl slowly x10
-lateral med ball slam x10/10
Rest as needed to complete with quality. 

A. Warm up block 
B. Push / pull / carry
4 working rounds. Warm up a round or two to determine working load
-Db single arm bench press x10/10
-supine ring or rope iso row hold x30sec
-single arm rack carry (alternating sides each round) x30sec

C. Slider knee forward hand crawls and backwards 
3x20yds each 

D. Band tricep pressdown x100 accumulated 
D. Deadbug 1/2 homebase hold x20sec each side. These are done every time you rest between pushdowns. 

A. Warm up block 

B. Push / pull conditioning 
-prowler sprint x40yds
Rest a few minutes 
-ski erg x150m
Rest a few minutes and repeat for 6 total on each. 

C. FLR accumulate 3min hardstyle hold 

Healt Eugene.jpg

A. Warm up block

B. Db walking lunge + hammer curl to press 
3x5/5 lunges. At the bottom position of each lunge pause and do a curl to press with the db’s. That will be 5 lunges per leg and 10 total curl to press each set. 

C. Core / conditioning
3 rounds of 
-crawl lateral with plate slide x15yds each way 
-plate arm farm carry x30sec 
Rest as needed to complete with quality. 

A. Warm up block

B. Single arm kb press ladder
3 sets of 4-3-2-1 (4 right. 4 left. 3 right. 3 left...)
B. Rope or ring supine rows

C. Slider hamstring curls 
C. Side lying glute raise 
C. SB ball jackknife 


9am Mobility Class (Coach Greg)
10am KB Skills Class (Master Coach Marc Howard)