GreenStrength Classes Aug 12-17

GreenStrength Class sessions. Here we go! Let’s make this a great week and really get in some great QUALITY TRAINING! Remember to always speak up in class as we are after function not failure. If something causes a problem, let’s dive into and it make it a strength!


A. Warm up block 10min

B. Kb Swing + Goblet Squat + Push up

5 / 5 / 5

8 / 8 / 8 

12 / 12 / 12

*2 rounds through each rep scheme. Pyramid up in the reps each round. Rest a few min between each round. Vary load in relation to the reps. 

C. Core / conditioning - 5 rounds of 

-crawl x15yds

-med ball slam x15

Rest as needed to complete with quality. 


A. Warm up block - (Kb arm bar review lesson in here)

B. Push / pull / carry - 3 working rounds. Warm up a round or two to determine working load

-Db floor press. Full pause on floor x10

-sumo alternating kb row from floor x10/10

-goblet carry x30sec

C. Slider knee forward hand crawls and backwards - 3x20yds each 

D. Band tricep pressdown x100 accumulated 

D. Deadbug 1/2 homebase hold x20sec each side. These are done every time you rest between pushdowns.


A. Warm up block 

B. Push / pull conditioning 

-prowler sprint x40yds

Rest a few minutes 

-ski erg x150m

Rest a few minutes and repeat for 6 total on each. 

C. FLR accumulate 3min hardstyle hold 


A. Warm up block

B. Kb Swing Single Arm + Goblet Reverse lunge  + Push up 1 arm plank 

5 / 5 / 5

8 / 8 / 8 

12 / 12 / 12

*2 rounds through each rep scheme. Pyramid up in the reps each round. Rest a few min between each round. Vary load in relation to the reps. 

*for swings / squats that will be 5 reps EACH leg in reverse lunge or arm in the SA swing. 

*for plank that will be seconds held EACH arm

C. Core / conditioning - 3 rounds of 

-crawl lateral with plate slide x15yds each way 

-plate arm farm carry x30sec 

Rest as needed to complete with quality. 


A. Warm up block

B. Single arm kb press ladder - 3 sets of 3-2-1 (3 right. 3 left. 2 right. 2 left...)

B. Rope or ring supine rows 3x8-12

C. Stability ball work

-Stability ball hamstring bridge + curl 3x10-15

-stir the pot x20sec

-jackknife x10

Saturday - 9am Mobility Class (Coach Greg) - 10am KB Skills Class (Master Coach Marc Howard) 


GreenStrength Classes Aug 5-10

August is here! It’s time to get back to our CONSISTENT PRACTICE of physical activity. We’ve done this week not to long ago so look back on your notes and make some progressions forward if possible.

Lets not forget to spread the word for our Saturday classes.

9am Coach Greg Morris teaches a free (donations accepted) mobility class. Look up Functional Range Conditioning. This is some of the knowledge he will be teaching so take advantage of this as nowhere will you receive education like this for FREE!

10am Master Coach Marc Howard teaches a Kettlebell Skills class. Outsiders welcome $20 drop in fee. Must have some experience with kettlebells prior to jumping in.

Lastly let’s not forget about scheduling a private session with a coach to work on and hammer away any difficulties your experiencing in an exercise or movement etc. Or maybe you’d like to talk food and weight loss, schedule a consult today and we can get going!

Lets also welcome all our Lovato Bjj Affiliate Teamates with open arms in GS. Many will be around this week so make sure to make them feel at home and feel free to share information if you see something you can contribute. Let’s get it!



A. Dbl kb fs + Push up complex  - 4 sets 

Each set is 8 FS/8 PU - 6 - 4

30sec rest between each rep scheme 

2min between rounds

B. Db floor press 3x20

B. Push up plank leg step up 3x5/5

B. Db rdl 3x10

C. Deadbug 1/2 headquarters hold x1min each side


A. IWT - Kb Swing x15 - immediately to 250m row - 4 sets - rest 2min between each

A. IWT - Goblet squat x15 - immediately to 250m ski - 4 sets - rest 2min between each

B. Accumulate 3min strict crawling 


A. Tgu 5/5

B. Kb Swing + strength burpee emom

Odd min swing x10

Even mon burpee x6

16total min

C. Prowler March - 8 trips down and back. Plank x20sec between each trip


A. Db floor press 4x20

A. Db renegade row 4x6/6

A. Trx supine row 4x20

B. Push ups 3x reps 

B. Band triceps pressdown 3x reps

B. Band hammer curl 3x reps

C. Single arm kb carry 3x20yds each side

C. Bridge single leg hold 3x30sec 


A. Kb sumo dL 5x8

A. Kb Swing 5x8

60sec between each exercise each set 

B. Bike sprints 

6x15cal women 

6x20cal men 

2min between 


9am mobility class with Greg

10am Kettlebells with Marc


Burn YOUR Fat - Not The Fat

Bulletproof coffee is a hot topic today. I am not here to say the claims scientifically work or don't work. I am here to provide one quick reminder that may be helpful to some of you out there. 

First, let's say your using the complete bulletproof recommendation of butter and MCT oil. That roughly will come out to about 400 total calories. Many people tell me they are drinking butter/oil coffee in order to become fat adapted and burn body fat for fuel as they Intermittent fast or just skip their breakfast. True, you're burning fat alright - just not the fat initially I think most were after. You see your body is going to utilize and burn off the 400 calories of fat first before ever taping into its own fat storage for energy. Again, this isn't saying the butter/oil coffee is bad, wrong, doesn't work or have benefits, etc.. This is just letting you know that if your in need of a plateu buster and lose a few lbs don't forget that maybe dropping the butter/oil would;

a - apply a 400 cal total calorie reduction to your day (400 x 7 = 2800 cals. Thats close to the 3500 calorie defect to lose a pound)

b - allow your body to utilize its OWN fat for fuel vs. the fat provided from the butter/oil

Now, like me you may love the taste, or the cognitive feeling you get from the fats. Many need them because the hunger is real and the fats help satiate you and keep things zen. However if black coffee treats you just fine then don't be afraid to give it a go, your physique may thank you in the end.