Simplifying Your Food & Gut

Stop making eating so complicated.

Complicating your nutrition only leads to a lack of consistency, which then leads to poor choices, poor habits, that may all lead to a wonky gut without you even knowing it. Here is a simple solution that will leave you with even greater results than all the complicated and trendy nutrition tactics.

First - always eat real food. Real food is nutrient dense and has 1 ingredient! (Meats, Nuts, Eggs, Veggies, Fruits, Oils, Tubers, Etc.)

Second - 5 Ingredient Meals will keep your meals simple and effective. Each meal only contains five ingredients!

Examples of a 5 Ingredient Meal:
White Rice
- -
Wild caught salmon
Brussels sprouts
Olive oil
- -
Canned tuna
Green beans
- -
(A shake)
Whey protein
Peanut butter (just ground peanuts)

PROTEIN: Steak | Salmon | etc.

VEGGIE: Broccoli | Brussels | etc.

STARCH: Rice | Yam | etc.


FAT: Avocado | Nuts | etc.





The formula is simple:

-Start with a protein
-Then add a veggie
-Then determine if you want a starch (sweet potato, rice, etc.) or a fat (avocado, nuts, etc.) -For your next two ingredients pick a spice, oil, fruit, herb or garnish

Now another trick to success can be VARIETY. Variety will keep you from getting bored and help your microbiome (your gut health) flourish – but variety sometimes causes stress due to lack of time for prep or learning how to cook something new.

By following the plan above so far we can build out easy 5 ingredient meals and create variety very easily by just rotating our protein, carb, fat, veggie, fruit, choices. Simply start by picking 3 ingredients (proteins, veggies, carbs, fat, fruit, spices) choices at the grocery store. Look at what's in season and what looks good to you. Then have fun with it – start mixing and rotating around the combinations of your 3 choices.

Chances are if you try this for 4-8 weeks you may learn some amazing things about your body, simplify your eating habits, and probably end up leaner. But remember – if you want to lose weight you have to be in a caloric deficit!

Give it a try! Share your combinations to the with us #GreenStrength and share what you've been eating with your workout buddies in the gym – it's a great way to get new ideas and stay accountable and motivated.

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