September 30th - October 5th Sessions

Training sessions for the week!

-Train for an objective
-Eat to fuel performance and life
-10min walks add up throughout a day
-Sleep is the best supplement there is, period!
-Learn something every time you train

Monday - This is a day we flex the knees with some load!

Warm up thoroughly with some 90/90 hip rotations, frog rocks, adductor rocks, and some side lying glutei raises.

A- Goblet squat: over the course of 5 sets you will work up to a heavy set of 10. Superset each set with dbl kb gorilla rows x10/10 and dbl kb farmers walk x30sec.

Work up to a heavy challenging load. Challenge the posture.

B- Reverse Lunge / Push Up Descending Ladder

25/25 reverse lunges - then - 10 push ups

20/20 reverse lunges - then - 10 push ups

15/15 revere lunges - then - 10 push ups

10/10 reverse lunges - then 10 push ups

C- Band Work - 100 reps of each
-Band Upright Row
-Band Pullover
-Band Goodmorning

Tuesday - Today we rest the legs while we pump the lungs

Warm up is standard - make it count!

A- Press / Row Superset - 4 sets
DB Floor Press x20 immediately into 300m Ski Erg - rest 3min

B- KB Alternating walking press 3x10/10 - load should be lighter, we are after a tall posture walk with strict controlled pressing. Rest shortly then superset with leopard crawls 3x10yds forward and backwards

C- 50cal Cardio Machine Of Choice Check Out

Wednesday - Today we practice a tried and true session.

A- TGU x5 per side - Pyramid up in load if desired

B- KB Swing EMOM 10 swings every minute on the minute x10min
(ON MIN 5 and 10min SWING 15reps)

C- Core 3 rounds
-Side Elbow Plank x20sec
-Single Leg Bridge Hold x20sec
-DB OH Carry x20sec

Thursday - Pick things up and set them down slowly and nicely.

A- 3 Position Sumo KB DL
3 reps single arm R, L, then 4 reps both arms
Keep a slow tempo on the lowering portion 2-3sec. BRACE and PUNCH HIPS BACK

B- Med Ball Circuit 3 rounds - 1min between each round
-Hockey Deadlift x5/5
-Goblet Squat x10
-Reverse Lunge x5/5
-Slam x10

C- Row or Ski 3x200m - rest 3min - GO FAST!

Friday - Beach Body Friday with some function!

A- DB Bench Press Pyramid Style
1st set is 15reps, 2nd 12, 3rd 10, 4th 8, 5th AMAP

pair this up with rope or ring supine rows 5x10-15

B- DB TRI-Set - 3 rounds
-Seated DB Clean and Press x10
-Seated DB Curl x10/10
-DB Judo Swings x10/10

C- FLR accumulate 2min of total time. During rest do band tricep ext 20-30 reps

Saturday - Today is the day to attend 9am mobility class, and 10am Kettlebells class.