GreenStrength Athletes Aug 26-31

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The battles are won with proper preparation. Losing weight, gaining muscle, reducing pain, are all things the majority want. Preparing a solid plan of action is the most important step. It’s basic, simple, and usually boring. Not sexy, fun, and entertaining. This is why most seem to fail.
Stay smart. Stay basic. Stay prepared
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Day 1 
A. Tgu x3/3

B. Trap bar deadlift 
3x3 working sets. Pyramid the loads on working sets. 
For example 
315x3, 335x3, 355x3
*no failed reps. Be a pro. Leave 2-3 left in tank 

C. Dbl kb front squat 3x6-8
C. Db floor press 3x10-12
C. Kb Swing 3x20

D. Plank series x10sec (3 sets hardstyle regular f/ elbows - 3 sets side elbow plank)

Day 2 

A. Aerobic capacity work
-10min cardio of choice (convo pace)… then jump off and do 5 pump stretch, 10 bw squats, leopard crawl forward x5yd am backward x5yd. Then back to cardio of choice for 10min. Repeat for 3 to 5 total rounds 

B. Work on your body. Mobility, breathing, stretching, recovering. 

Day 3 

A. 8 rounds - 2min rest 
-chin up x2-5 (weight if needed) (regression if needed)
-prowler March heavy x20yds

B. 4 rounds - 3min rest between rounds
-Db judo swings x10/10
-band speed pulldowns f/ seated on floor x20sec 
-battling ropes arms only x20sec 

C. Single arm kb farmers walk 3x30sec each side

Day 4 

A. Row/ski/bike 
8x 15sec sprints - 2:30 rest. 
Warm up with 10min aerobic work - cool down with 10min aerobic work 

Day 5 

A. Weighted Ruck 1.5mile
Ladies 15-30lbs
Boys 25-50lbs
Time your 1.5mile ruck 

Eat.. Fuel yourselves. 15x your bw daily no matter what! Real food, if it runs - flies - swims, and or came from the earth then consume it., Out sleep your competition,