GreenStrength Athletes Aug 12-17

Here we go! As with anything we do inside GS always substitute an exercise if needed. Never sacrifice function, and quality for reps. If your unsure how to scale or what to do instead ask a GS coach. This is a template - and it’s not concrete! We adjust in order to adapt correctly!

Remember in your warm ups to really explore all plains of movement. Hit some rotational and anti rotational work as well here.

3 mandatory days - 2 optional days 

Mandatory - 1 an 2 must be spaced out by 2 days. Mon - thurs, tues - fri... etc. 

Mandatory day 1

A. 10min mobility focuses window. Work!

B. Prowler Sprint (load should be light. We are after speed here. 10-25lbs added for females and 25-55lbs added for men). You will do 2 series of 4 x 20yd sprints. Rest 60sec between each of the 4. And rest 3min between each of the 2 series. 

C. Bodyweight strength work - 5 rounds

•lean away chin ups x3-6. If you don’t have chin ups then barbell plank rows x3-6 strict. Build the strength. 

•plyo Bench Push ups x 6. Quality explosive reps. Be strict and tight on each one.

•dbl kb rack reverse lunge x6/6 each leg. Strict finish. Squeeze glute. 

D. Dbl kb farmers work. Hold 1 bell in rack and 1 in farmers carry position. Alternate sides each round. 

1min on - 1min off x4 

Mandatory day 2

A. 10min mobility focuses window. Work!

B. Prowler March (load should be decently heavy but not slow you down and destroy you. For example I would say guys should be 50-90lb added and ladies 30-75lb added. You will do 3 series of 4 x 20yds powerful stride March. Rest 60sec between each of the 4. And rest 3min between each of the 3 series. 

C. Anaerobic conditioning - complete 5 rounds as fast as possible 

Guys - 53-70lb Bell

Ladies - 36-53lb Bell 

•kb swing x20

•push ups x10

D. Deadbug home base hold 3x1min

D. Cossack squat play 3x5/5. Cool down. Stretch the hips. This is Recovery not loading for strength.  

Mandatory day 3 

•60min long steady state cardio (biking, rowing, walking a good pace outside, etc). If walking outside either walk with intention the entire time or add a light weight vest. Don’t stroll with your love and call it cardio

Optional day 1 - STRENGTH

A. A. 10min mobility focuses window. Work!

B. Trap bar deadlift - Work sets of 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1

Take 80% if heaviest load you’ve reached in last 4weeks. Make these reps fast!!! Powerful!!! Speed!!!! Rest 1min between each set 

C. Accessory work - 3 rounds 

•Rope feet elevated plank rows 3x5-8

•band standing pullovers x20

•side lying hip raise 3x5-8

D. Tgu 2 per side for cool down 

Optional day 2 - CONDITIONING 

A. A. 10min mobility focuses window. Work!

B. Ski or row 30/90

•15 intervals of 30/90. Start light. Increase each sprint. However play the game ofnbever getting SLOWER. You have 1 tie or slower interval. If you hit 2 times then your done! Stop at 15 total. C. Cold tub x10min 


•honor your nutrition 

•get 6k+ in steps each day not counting your gym time or biking etc. this is steps out in life. Your phones have the health app. Start looking. Easy way to achieve this is 1 / 30min walk per day or 2-3 / 10-15min walks per day. 

Obviously park farther away at places, enjoy a stroll wherever possible etc. 

•2-3 times a week get a 10-20min want epsom salt bath. 

•make sure your at least eating 13x your Bw in calories. Anything less.... let’s talk. Anything above 18x Bw. Let’s talk. Confused altogether? Let’s talk. 

Any nutrition questions. First please have a detailed list of what your eating. How much. Etc. without these details I cannot give you an honest real answer. If you lie on your food amount and such then guess what, your gonna fail and it’s entirely your fault. 

If your not eating 80% real food... then before asking questions get to consistently eating 80% real food. I almost think everyone should accomplish a 30 day Whole 30 challenge with zero amount restrictions. Then once accomplished we have a base to actually start doing things.