Class 7/9-7/14

Hello Tribe! Here is our week of sessions. Remember INTENTION is what we are after. Let’s work to make every rep COUNT!




A. Complex Style

10 BW Squats

10 single leg bridges per leg

30sec leopard crawl

Rest 90sec

8 BW Squats

8 single leg beiges per leg

20sec leopard crawl

Rest 90sec

6 BW Squats

6 single leg bridges

10sec leopard crawl

Rest 90sec - complete for 2 total rounds


B. Arm farm plate carry 3-4 x 1 lap

B. Strength burpees 3-4 x 8

B. Band pull apart 3-4 x 15

C. Accumulate 2min in hardstyle plank

*sets no longer than 20sec



A. Single arm kb front squat 5x5/5

A. Db pushups 5x max reps


B. Step up w/ knee raise (load goblet style if needed) 3x10/10

B. Kb batwing iso hold 3x30sec

B. Stability ball leg curl 3x10

C. Arm farm plate carry 3x 1min on 1min off

D. 100 BW breathing squats - 1 set of 100 reps

(Scale reps to what you need and record. Don’t force 100 if quality suffers)



Beginner & advanced

A. Superset style (30sec between each exercise)

Prowler march (medium load) x lap

Med ball rotational slam x10 each side

Bear crawl x lap

*5 Rounds - 2-4 min rest between rounds


B. Core circuit

Deadbug 2x5/5

Slider push up plank knee tuck 2x5/5

Single arm bottoms up kb carry 2x20yds/side




A. Db z press 5x10

A. Supine trx row 5x5-10

A. Hang 5x15-30sec


B. Row 3x500m

3rd set is your go all out set and find your 500m time

Rest at least 2min. 


C. Birddog 2x5/5

C. Shins to stick 2x10



A. Kb z press 5x10

A. Supine trx row 5x5-10

A. Hang 5x30-60sec


B. Ski erg

4x250m - 2-4min rest

2x500m - 2-4min rest


C. Dbl kb rack walk

3x1min on - 1min off



Beginner and advanced

A. Parking lot med ball toss - sprint - toss 5x100yds

2min rest

A. Heavy backwards sled drag (straps. Not belted)

5x lap

2min rest

A. Med ball thrusters


2min rest


B. Tgu 3 per side light load


C. Kb swing light groove style load 5x15

C. Pump stretch 5x5



TBD Saturday :)

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