GS Class Aug 21-26th

Class Schedule
Mon 6am, 9am, 4:15pm Kids, 5:30pm
Tues 6am, 9am, 4:15pm Kids, 5:30pm
Wed 4:15pm Kids
Thurs 6am, 9am, 5:30pm
Fri 6am, 9am
Sat 10am

Remember - We will progress or regress exercises as much as needed based on what we (coaches) feel is best for you (student) at this time. 

1) warm up x10min
2) goblet squat / kb swing ladder
10 to 1 / 1 to 10
3) prowler sprint 6x40yds
3) hollow rocks or holds 6x 10-20sec or x10 rocks
3) square mat crawl 6x

1) warm up x10min
2) dbl kb press 4-5x6
2) flexed arm hang 4-5x time, or chin up 4-5x2-6, or seated band pulldown 4-5x12-15
3) birddog row 3-4x8/8
3) floor press (hip bridge maintained throughout set) 3-4x12-15
3) pullover deadbug 3-4x8/8

1) warm up x10min
2) goblet squat 5x5
2) single arm kb deadlift 5x5/5
2) single arm 3 point row 5x8-12
3) single arm farmers walk 3x40yds
3) push up 3xreps (play with whatever variation you are at)
3) slider crawls 3x 20yds forward and backwards

1) warm up x10min
2) tailpipe
Partner up
Partner A rows 250m while partner B holds dbl kb rack hold. Once partner A is done with 250m switch places and continue for 3 total rounds. Record time. 
3) airdyne cal ladder / hanging leg raise
25cal / 10 hanging leg raise
20cal / 10
15cal / 10
10cal / 10
4) cool down walk or mobility 

1) Warm Up x10min
2) GPP Circuit - 6-10 rounds
-Tall Kneeling KB Halos x5/5
-Side Plank f/ elbow x15sec each side
-90/90 rotations into lunge x5 each side
-Single Arm Bridge x5 each side
-Prowler Walk (light load) x80yds
-Crawl any variation x20yds