Q&A - Paleo Diet For BJJ Athletes?

In the video I ranted for a bit but realize I may have missed the overall point of the question. The question was "What are your opinions on the Paleo diet for BJJ athletes"?

I support the Paleo diet and for the most part think it would be great for BJJ athletes. It advocates real, whole, natural, 1 ingredient foods. A diet made up of meats, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, berries, etc is a HUMAN BEING diet, and last time I checked a BJJ Athlete is a human being. Depending on the person and situation, I might add dairy, starches, or even grains, but again, this is dependent on many other factors. This would make it the "modern" Paleo diet which is known as "Paleo + Starch", also known as the "Paleo diet for athletes". Everyone is different, so to say what is good and bad is hard to pin point. But a diet that advocates REAL FOOD, count me in as a fan.