Quick little nugget to ponder....

Hello! Here is a piece from Paul Chek that I want you all to really slow down, read, and ponder for a moment. 

"What becomes obvious to professionals with as much experience as Bill and me, or anyone with an open mind who has been paying attention to the diet craze over time, are these truths:

  • There is no optimal diet for everyone!
  • There is no optimal diet for anyone for any period of time, which may be as short as one meal depending on stress factors and environmental influences. (I have found metabolic types can change from meal to meal and that there is no replacement for constant communication with, and careful observation of, one’s body-mind for essential guidance!)
  • A diet that “cures” you may eventually harm you if you don’t pay attention to what your body-mind is telling you. One man’s cure is another man’s disease! Diet dogma is very dangerous.
  • Diet quality is more important than diet quantity."

Now, not here to debate on if this is 100% true or not but regardless it makes sense. Everyday is a new day, a new environment, a new chance to adapt through time. We must pull our heads out of the "camp spectrum" and start to look into the "real food - real nutrients spectrum". This gives you the chance to really find what foods support YOU and when they support YOU best. 

If you'd like to chat about your nutrition simply drop me a message and we can get that going. 


Class 7/9-7/14

Hello Tribe! Here is our week of sessions. Remember INTENTION is what we are after. Let’s work to make every rep COUNT!




A. Complex Style

10 BW Squats

10 single leg bridges per leg

30sec leopard crawl

Rest 90sec

8 BW Squats

8 single leg beiges per leg

20sec leopard crawl

Rest 90sec

6 BW Squats

6 single leg bridges

10sec leopard crawl

Rest 90sec - complete for 2 total rounds


B. Arm farm plate carry 3-4 x 1 lap

B. Strength burpees 3-4 x 8

B. Band pull apart 3-4 x 15

C. Accumulate 2min in hardstyle plank

*sets no longer than 20sec



A. Single arm kb front squat 5x5/5

A. Db pushups 5x max reps


B. Step up w/ knee raise (load goblet style if needed) 3x10/10

B. Kb batwing iso hold 3x30sec

B. Stability ball leg curl 3x10

C. Arm farm plate carry 3x 1min on 1min off

D. 100 BW breathing squats - 1 set of 100 reps

(Scale reps to what you need and record. Don’t force 100 if quality suffers)



Beginner & advanced

A. Superset style (30sec between each exercise)

Prowler march (medium load) x lap

Med ball rotational slam x10 each side

Bear crawl x lap

*5 Rounds - 2-4 min rest between rounds


B. Core circuit

Deadbug 2x5/5

Slider push up plank knee tuck 2x5/5

Single arm bottoms up kb carry 2x20yds/side




A. Db z press 5x10

A. Supine trx row 5x5-10

A. Hang 5x15-30sec


B. Row 3x500m

3rd set is your go all out set and find your 500m time

Rest at least 2min. 


C. Birddog 2x5/5

C. Shins to stick 2x10



A. Kb z press 5x10

A. Supine trx row 5x5-10

A. Hang 5x30-60sec


B. Ski erg

4x250m - 2-4min rest

2x500m - 2-4min rest


C. Dbl kb rack walk

3x1min on - 1min off



Beginner and advanced

A. Parking lot med ball toss - sprint - toss 5x100yds

2min rest

A. Heavy backwards sled drag (straps. Not belted)

5x lap

2min rest

A. Med ball thrusters


2min rest


B. Tgu 3 per side light load


C. Kb swing light groove style load 5x15

C. Pump stretch 5x5



TBD Saturday :)

GS Ele.png

John Lennon Quote - Happiness is the key to life

Take a second and read this....


Punishing yourself in the gym...
Depriving yourself of good food (medicine)....
Measuring yourself against others on social media.....
Not taking time for yourself daily to just breathe, relax, process, and just be alive....

We are all on a quest to reach some kind of better health or fitness level. If we are not HAPPY with/or during the process the results will not be sustainable, or even as optimal as they could be with more balance and happiness in our lives. Being happy is the ultimate form of health - THE MIND IS PRIMARY! (Shout out to my Gym Jones Crew)


Jan 15 - 20th GreenStrength Tribe Sessions

Hello GreenStrength Gang! It's time to get our 'practice' on once again for another week.

First - Let's not forget to make time during your days outside the gym to

-Eat real food and drink lots of water
-Move your body in a gentle nice way (mobilize)
-Go for a walk
-Work on improving your sleep ZZZZZ....

Also, for the remainder of January here are a few specials to take advantage of all private training or consultation sessions are 10% off (you must contact me Lucius to sign up and schedule). These can be used for many different things from technique help on an exercise, nutritional guidance or shopping/recipe help with food, mobility drills specific to your body, etc... TAKE ADVANTAGE! 

GS Coaches are all available (Prices are as follows without discount)
GS Coach - $50/Session (Coaches Greg Morris, Riley Williams, Gabe Rebischke)
GS Master Coach - $65/Session (Marc Howard) 
GS Master Coach / Founder - $75/Session (Lucius Tirey) 

Jan 15th

1a. TGU Right Arm x1
1b. KB Swing 2 H x15
1c. TGU Left Arm x1
1d. Goblet Squat x10
5 rounds

2a. DB Single Arm Bench Press x8-12/arm
2b. DB SIngle Arm Row x8-12/arm
2c. Plank Series (regular, and both side planks) x20sec each position

Jan 16th

1a. Lateral Ape Crawl x20yds each way
1b. Half Kneeling Battling Ropes x20sec (alternate sides each round)
1c. Band Face Pull x15
4 rounds

2a. Row or Ski Erg Sprints x250m
2b. Med Ball Russian Twist During Rest x10/side
4 rounds - rest well between sprints

Jan 18th 

1a. Deadlift x5,4,3,3 (first work set will be 5, second 4, then 2 final sets of 3)
1b. Hang Variation xPlay
4 rounds - rest well, this is strength

2a. Double KB Gorilla Row x10
2b. Double KB Clean x5 (Start from hike pass each rep)
2c. Double KB Farmers Walk x60yds
3-5 Rounds

Jan 19th

1a. Double KB Alternating Press x5/each side
1b. Plate Push / Crawl x60yds
4 rounds

2a. Airdyne Sprint 20cal, 15cal, 10cal, 10cal (first round is 20cal, then 15cal, then 2 final rounds of 10cal)
2b. TRX Row x20 during rest between sprints
2c. Deadbugs x10/side during rest between sprints

Jan 20th

1a. Squat x5
1b. DB Lateral Raise x10-15
1c. Prone Y Raise x10sec hold
1d. KB Hammer Curl x8-12
5 rounds

2a. Prowler March x60yds
Try to partner up or get a rotation that allows you to rest for just 90sec between each march (or as close to as possible)
2b. Between each march Push Up Plank x20-30sec
6 rounds


Elephant Photo.jpg

Fun Session For YOU!

All you need is a pair of kettlebells, a mace, and a small amount of space.  


Length: 30min total

Each exercise will be done on the minute every minute for 5 total rounds. (6 exercises - 5 Rounds = 30min)

Min 1 - Turkish Get Up Right Arm x1

Min 2 - Single Arm KB Swing Right Arm x10

Min 3 - Mace 360 + Lateral Lunge x3 each direction

Min 4 - Turkish Get Up Left Arm x1

Min 5 - Single Arm KB Swing Left Arm x10

Min 6 - Double KB Clean x10

Choose your loads wisely :)