GreenStrength is a philosophy. We employ simple yet effective training and lifestyle methods that cascade to affect all areas of your life. We develop our OKC members centrally in our physical training facility, and worldwide members online, to attain one overarching goal:  “uplift consciousness | enhance wellbeing.”

What does that mean?  We’ve learned firsthand that the products this world sells you are not ultimately meant to make you better.  We’re conspiracy theorists who believe 97% of what you are fed (physically, mentally, emotionally) is meant to profit someone other than you.  We don’t like that.  And we won’t stand for it.  At GreenStrength you’ll learn to hack your life; to take it back. We start with training. You will have to be willing to drop your ego, to start over.  You’ll build yourself from the ground up.  This will fortify your mind and body.  We’ll teach you how to move, eat, and think like a human.  At GreenStrength you’ll find yourself in a community of like-minded individuals, all striving together to dominate their lives. We’re a family.

If you want to transform your life, you must transform your mind.  You must condition it.  You must lay down new neurological pathways.  Forget will power.  Forget being yelled at as your motivation to improve.  True transformative change comes from deep within.  It comes from re-training your thoughts.  We don’t know everything, nor will we tell you we do.  We do however promise to sweat, laugh, cry, and constantly learn…together.  Surround yourself with the kind of people you want to be like. Constantly challenge your beliefs.  GROW.

Our commitment to you: we will constantly strive to improve and learn.  We believe in evolution.  When you learn new information, you must change.  This is how you grow.  This is how you avoid a life of stagnance. We’ll be the first to change and adapt any time we learn new, solid information. We have committed to ourselves and our members to constantly seek knowledge in training and life.  You’ll see us gaining certifications, reading, setting personal life goals-and doing the work necessary. What this all boils down to is that we practice what we preach.  You’ll find us training, falling, picking ourselves back up, eating real food, baby crawling, all the time. We live this.